Apply for Holiday Travel and Personal Loan at Lowest Interest Rates

The big picture when it comes to quick holiday loans

Most online personal loan lenders don’t look at the big picture. Quick holiday loans can end with you feeling down when you come back from your dream holiday. But travel loans don’t need to be a headache. Here are Advance Tourand Travel, we understand what it feels like to come back with the burden of debt. This is why our staff are specially trained to understand the big picture, making sure you’re feeling comfortable with your loan repayments, before you start your adventure.

How do we work?

We look at every customer’s unique set of circumstances, before, during and after their trip. When we do serviceability assessments for our customers’ travel loans, we inquire about how they will continue to fund their trip before, during and after they get back. This subtle difference is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our experience in the travel financing industry tells us that customers fail to consider the consequences of taking out quick holiday loans online, so we need to consider the consequences for them.


Why does no-one else do this?

Personal loans are a big business. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, trends show that in February and March alone, personal loans were a $12 billion-dollar industry. But this demand only triggers more and more greed from online personal loan lenders. The more loans they write, the more they are expected to write in the future. This sort of demand only encourages bad behaviour from these companies, and as a result, customer focus is thrown out the window.

We at AdvanceTourandTravel have one key philosophy: customer first, sales second. All of our staff are selected based on their ethical values. When we interview our potential employees, we give them a simple test. The test includes 10 questions where the answers are of ethics vs sales. Applicants who give us the seemly correct answers leading to a sale are declined, and those rare applicants who choose to do the right thing and maintain ethical behaviour, even at the expense of risking obtaining employment, are chosen. They are rare, but they do exist, and this is our secret weapon in the fight against online personal loan lenders that commit unethical behaviour on a daily basis.

How do we compete against our aggressive competitors?

There’s no doubt that we have a lot of aggressive competitors that sell unsecured personal loans online. Consumers, especially in the younger demographic, are pressured into taking out travel loans that don’t suit their needs from lenders who don’t even care about their future situation. Sure, this benefits these lenders in the short-term, but in the long term we believe relationship building is the most important thing to running a successful business. As the fintech industry expands, consumers will begin to migrate to the names they can trust. This means that our aggressive competitors, who don’t spend time to understand their customers, will fall behind. It’s easy to do quick holiday loans online, it’s hard to do them in a way that is right for both the customer and the business.

Have you already made the mistake of taking out a travel loan online that you can’t afford?

Don’t worry! If this is you, we’re here to help! We personally do travel loans, but we do have strongly vetted financial partners that focus on debt consolidation and refinancing, to help you get your repayments under control.

Who are our financial partners? Debt Consolidation Australia, of course!

Debt consolidation Australia are a small start-up out of Melbourne. We’ve built a strong relationship with their founder and CEO over the last few months and we can see they really care about helping you get your personal loans under control. Like us, they have an ethical behaviour selection system, ensuring that their employees act with integrity when they help you get your finances under control.

Do you need help understanding all of this?

Have you had trouble understanding any of this? That’s okay! Finance is not easy! Debt Consolidation Australia recommend their customers read popular blogs from Australia’s leading Unsecured Personal Loans Online fintech companies, to help them understand travel loans and debt consolidation, as well. We urge you to do the same!